Whimsical Birds

These little birds are cute perched on windowsills or bookshelves.  You can make them from stiffened cloth or colored paper.  Add feet so they perch all around your home, or hang them in windows or from garlands.

You will need:

Heavy cloth such as burlap, denim, or felt

Fabic stiffener

Bird Template


Gold spray paint (optional)


Step 1. 

 Use the template to cute out as many birds and wings as you would like.

Step 2.

Pour some fabric stiffener into a shallow dish.  A styrofoam plate is a good choice.  Dip the birds and wings into the fabric stiffener and make sure they are thoroughly wet.  Blot them with a paper towel and set them on wax paper until they are dry.

Step 3.

Take a piece of wire about four inches long.  Bend it in half.  Then use the edge of a ruler or butter knife to fold the middle over into a hook shape.

Step 4.

Take each end of the wire.  The ends of the wire will be the bird's feet.  Wrap them around a pencil or other round object to make evenly sized feet.  Clip the ends of the wire.

Step 5.

If desired, spray paint the feet gold and let them dry.

 Step 6.

When the birds and the feet are dry, glue the wings onto the birds.  Take each bird, set it in the hook on the wire.  Squeeze the edges of the wire together to hold the bird in place.

It can be tricky to get the birds to balance.  You may need to adjust the position of the bird and bend the feet.  You can also tip the bird back so its tail helps it balance, as we did for the burlap bird.



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