Wax Paper Stained Glass

Use old crayons and wax paper to make this "stained glass."  You can use this look to make window decorations, a sun catcher, Christmas ornaments, and even bookmarks.  Young children can put together this project, though an adult should do the ironing!

You will need:

1.  Paper for a frame (6"x8")

2.  Two sheet of wax paper

3.  Old crayons

4.  A hand-held pencil sharpner

4.  Two rags or paper towels

5.  An iron

The wax paper in the frame
The outline of the frame 1.  To make the frame, line your ruler up with the edge of the paper, and draw a line on the inside edge that is 6 inches long.  Do this on both sides.  Draw a line all the way across the bottom.  Use a lid or other round object to trace a rounded top.
The paper frame is cut out 2.  Trim away the extra paper and cut out the inside window.
Small piles of crayon shavings 3.  Gently push the crayons into the pencil sharpner and turn them.  Catch the shavings.  Sometimes the points will break off in the sharpener.  It is helpful to have a toothpick on hand to help pry them free.
The shavings are distributed on wax paper 4.  Sprinkle the crayon shavings onto the sheet of wax paper.  You can make patterns, but it is hard to make precise designs.  Put the other sheet of wax paper on top.
Iron the paper until the wax melts 5.  Put the wax paper between the rags or paper towels.  Iron on low until the wax melts together.  Let the wax cool.
The trimmed paper is attached to a black paper frame 6.  Trim the extra wax paper away and tape or glue the paper into the frame.  Enjoy your lovely stained glass window!

The wax paper in the frameCraftPenguin.com


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