Upcycled Milk Jug Bag Container and Dispenser

Instead of shoving all your old grocery bags into the trash or under your sink, keep them contained and handy in this colorful container.  You can re-use them as trash bags, for wrapping fragile objects, or reuse them as grocery bags.  You can even save them up, make them into yarn, and crochet a durable, reusable shopping bag.  As a bonus, you can upcycle an old milk jug to make the container, keeping even more "trash" out of the landfill. 

You will need:

1.  A milk jug

2.  A stiff scrubbing brush

3.  Scissors

4.  Colorful paper

5.  Tape

6.  Mod Podge

7.  A paint brush

A container for plastic bags made from an old milk jug
A clean, dry mild jug

Step 1.  Get the milk jug ready.

Rinse out the jug in hot soapy water.  Let the jug soak for ten or fifteen minutes and then scrub the label off with a stiff brush.  Let the milk jug dry.

Blue and orange paper flowers

Step 2.  Cut out paper flowers.

Find a paper with flowers printed on it.  Carefully cut out several flowers.  You can choose how many cut out based on how much of the milk jug you want to cover.

Cut a hole in the side of the milk jug

Step 3.  Cut out the a hole in the side of the milk jug.

Use sharp scissors and carefully cut a hole 3-4 inches in diameter on the side of the jug opposite the handle.

Arrange the flowers

Step 4.  Position the flowers.

Roll a piece of tape and stick it on the back of each flower.  Position the flowers where you want them on the milk jug.  Make sure you cover the expiration dates which are printed on the jug.    Don't worry about the petals sticking out.  You just want to find arrangment you like.

Attaching flowers

Step 5. Glue the flowers down.

Gently lift a flower off the milk jug and remove the tape.  Brush a light layer of Mod Podge on the back of the flower.  Press it back onto the milk jug.  Brush a layer of Mod Podge over the flower.  Because the jug is so curvy the flower petal may seem to stick out at first.  Give them a few seconds and the Mod Podge will soften them and it will be easy to get all the petals in place.

The completed jug

Step 6.  Finish the jug.

Allow the jug to dry for 20-30 minutes.  If desired, add a second coat of Mod Podge over the flowers.  This will make the flowers more durable and less likely to peel off over time. 

 Stuffing the jug with bags

Step 7.  Fill the jug with bags.

Just push your bags into the jug.  You don't have to fold them in a special way.  You will be suprised at just how many bags will fit into the jug!

This milk jug is a very simple paper gluing craft.  If you enjoy cutting and gluing paper you can make an elaborate pattern on the jug.  You could even turn this into a decoupage craft.  Decoupage is the art of cutting, gluing, and varnishing small paper pictures to an object.  As the layers are added, the object begins to look like it is covered with intricate painting inlaid in varnish.  Decoupage was quite popular in the 18th century and is thought to have originated in Japan.  Many people still enjoy the art of decoupage.  It is inexpensive and the finished results are beautiful.


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