Folded Paper Coaster Set

This coaster set is made from the pages of an old magazine.  Cut the pages into strips, fold the strips, roll the strips, and use Mod Podge to waterproof the paper.  We like to cut the pages into two inch strips, but you can use strips of any width.  The wider the strip, the chunkier the roll will be.  It takes about twenty strips of paper to make each of these coasters.  The folding is easy, but will take several hours.  It is a good project to do while watching a movie or your favorite show!

You will need:

An old magazine



Mod Podge

A paintbrush



Step 1.  Cut the magazine pages into two inche strips.  Take one strip and fold each edge into the center and crease it. 
Step 2.  Fold the edges into the center again and crease them again.  Now fold the edges one more time and crease them again.  You should have a slender strip of folded paper.  Keep folding strips.  You will need about twenty for each coaster.
Step 3.  Dab glue on the top of one strip.  Then roll the strip into a tight circle.  Secure the end with glue.
Step 4.  Attach another strip with glue and wrap it tightly.  Keep wrapping the strips until the coaster is as large as you like.  As the coaster gets larger, add a few dabs of glue all along each strip as you roll it to hold it in place securely.
Step 5.  Brush each coaster with a thick coat of Mod Podge.  Let it dry, turn the coasters over and brush the other side as well.
Enjoy your finished coasters.  They are unusual, colorful, and environmentally friendly!

Coasters protect furniture from spills, drips, and condensation from glasses.  It is also a good idea to place doilies or coasters under vases and houseplants.  Of course, you can also put a thick coat of varnish on all your furniture!


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