Twine Ball Ornament

Use twine instead of string to make this unique string ball style ornament.  You can find twine in craft stores, but if you plan to make several ornaments, look for it in a hardware store.  Kids will enjoy making this ornament.  There is something appealing about working with balloons, string, and sticky fabric stiffener. 

You will need:


A small balloon

Fabric stiffener

A small amount of tape

A few paper towels

Wooden and pearl beads (optional)

A darning needle

Step 1.  Wrap the twine around the balloon.

Blow up a balloon so it is about three inches across.  Tape the end of the twine to the balloon.  Wrap the twine around the balloon until it forms a lacy pattern all around the balloon.  Cut off the twine and tape the end down.

Step 2.  Starch the twine.

Pour some fabric stiffener into a bowl.  Roll the ornament around in the stiffener until all the twine is completely wet.  It will go faster if you use your hands to help spread the twine and work the fabric stiffener into the twine. 

Use a paper towel to blot off any excess fabric stiffener.

If you like this ornament, you may like making other starched string ornaments.

 Step 3.  Let the ornament dry.

Put the ornament on a piece of plastic wrap or wax paper and let it dry overnight.  Pop the balloon and pull it out of the twine through one of the gaps. 

If the end of the twine sticks out, tuck it under another piece of twine and glue it there.

 Step 4.  Make a hanger for the ornament.

Cut a piece of twine about eight inches long and separate the strands from each other.  Use one of the strands to thread the needle.  If you fold a thin strip of paper over the end of the twine, it will be easier to thread.

Step 5.  Finish the ornament.

Thread on a wooden bead, a pearl bead, and another wooden bead.  Then thread the needle through a strand of twine on the ornament.  Thread on another wooden bead, a pearl bead, and a wooden bead.  Tie the ends of the twine together to finish the loop.




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