Turkey Cupcake

You baked your famous pumpkin cupcakes.  You frosted them with cream cheese frosting.  You even dyed the frosting orange and brown.  What else can you do to make your cupcakes festive?  Add these little turkeys!  Made with cookies and candy, they are delicious and cute Thanksgiving decorations.  And if you like these turkeys, you may also want to make Pilgrim hat cupcakes.

You will need:

1.  Frosted cupcakes

2.  Oreo cookies

3.  Peanut butter cups

4.  Whoppers

5.  Candy corns

6.  A small amount of frosting in a tube with a round tip

Finished turkey
Candy corns and an Oreo for the turkey's tail 1.  Gently insert five candy corns into the filling between the sides of the Oreo.  It is easiest to put one in the middle and then place two on each side.
Add a peanut butter cup and a whopper for a head and body 2.  Use the frosting to attach a peanut butter cup and a Whopper to the Oreo.  The peanut butter cup will be the body and the Whopper will be the head.
Cut a candy corn 3.  Cut a candy corn in half.  Attach it to the Whopper to be the turkey's beak.
Put the turkey on the cupcake 4.  Allow the frosting to harden.  Then place your turkeys on the cupcakes.  If desired, attach two more candy corns to each turkey.  These will be the turkey's wings.

Did you know that Oreo cookies turned 100 in 2012?  They were first marketed as Oreo Biscuits in 1912 and renamed Oreo Sandwich in 1921.  The Oreo has undergone further changes in name and ingredients, replacing lard with vegetable oil and later switiching from partially hydrogenated oil to non-hydrogenated oil.   The best selling Oreo is the classic chocolate cookie with white creme filling, but over the years Oreo has offered many other flavors.  For example you can buy peanut butter Oreos in the United States, green tea Oreos in China, and orange icecream Oreos in Indonesia.  


Use corn husks to make an old-fashioned wreath for Fall.

These clever cookie and candy turkeys make perfect toppers for Thanksgiving cupcakes.

These tasty turkeys are made with cookies, candy, and frosting. Kids love making this Thanksgiving craft almost as much as they enjoy eating it when it is finished.