Flower Scarf

This scarf is so beautiful, but so practical.  It easily fits into a pocket or purse.  Plus, it is quick and easy to crochet.  If you like, make the flower a contrasting color to the rest of the scarf. 

You will need:

1.   A size H crochet hook

2.  Yarn of your choice

1.  Chain 18.  Beginning in second chain from hook, work one row of single crochet.  Chain 1. Turn.

Single crochet in first single crochet.  Chain 16.  Work one single crochet in the last single crochet on the row.  Chain 3. Turn.

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2.  Work double crochet across.  Chain 4.  Turn.

3.  *Skip first double crochet.  Double crochet in next stitch.  Chain one.  Skip the next double crochet and them work a double crochet in the nest stitch.  Repeat across, forming a grid pattern.  Chain 4.  Turn.

Repeat from * to make the next rows.

4.  Continue making rows until you have thirty rows.  Wrap the scarf around your neck to see if it fits.  It should wrap loosely all the way around your neck.  It you need to, add rows until it fits comfortably.  (It took us 31 rows.)

Chain three.

5.  (Think of this step as crocheting in an oval.) Working in the back stitches only, work two double crochets into each stitch across.  Work 5 double crochets into the last stitch to turn.  Begin working in the front stitches, and work two double crochets into each stitch across.  Work three double crochets in the last stitch.  Join to first stitch.  Chain three.

6.  *Work two double crochets in the nest stitch.  Chain two.  Skip a stitch.  Repeat from * around.  Join.

You should have a frilly oval on the end of the scarf.

Stitch the edges of the oval together to form the flower. 7.  Bring the two outer edges of this frilly oval together.  This will fold the scarf in half and form a double layered circle.  This is the flower.  Stitch the edges together.  Tie off and weave in the ends.
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To use your scarf, simply wrap it around your neck, and pull the flower through the loop.  It will stay in place and keep you warm.


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