Trinket Box

This colorful little box is a perfect place to keep little treasures.  Use your favorite colors!

You will need:

1.  Salt dough, clay, or Playdough
     (Make your own dough)

2.  Wax paper

3.  Rolling pin

4.  Small dish with a lid, about three inches in diameter.  Plastic storage tubs work well.

A colorful trinket box with the lid partly open
Little clay balls arranged in a circle. 1.  Begin by making little balls of dough, about 1/2 inch in diameter.  Arrange them on wax paper in a circular pattern so they are just touching.  Make your circle about three inches across.
2.  Put another sheet of wax paper on top.  Roll your circle with a rolling pin into a sheet about 1/4 inch thick.  As the little balls are flattened, they will join together.
3.  Peel off the top sheet of wax paper.  Gently turn the lower sheet over, so it is on top of the dish, and press it into the dish to sides are formed.
the edges are trimmed so they meet the edges of the dish 4.  Gently peel away the wax paper.  Trim the edges of the dough to match the edges of the dish.
Use the lid of the container to shape the lid of your box

5.  For the lid, make more small dough balls and arrange them in a circle, and roll them out again between two sheets of wax paper.  Peel away the top sheet of wax paper.  Put the lid onto the dough disk.  Gently pull or cut away any dough that sticks out around the edges. Lift off the container lid, leaving the dough circle in place.

 Let the lid and box dry 6.  Set your box and lid in a safe place to dry.  After 8-12 hours, you can gently lift the box out of the plastic container.  Let dry for 1-2 day.  It is normal for the colors of the dough to lighten and the box to shrink, just a little.

 When the box is dry, you can use a nail file or sandpaper to smooth any rough edges.  Then you can fill your box with little treasures!  Keep it in a safe dry place.  It will crumble if it gets too wet.


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 A complete trinket box


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