Tissue Paper Flower

Kids love making these paper flowers.  After mastering a basic flower, try making them in different sizes or layering different colors of tissue paper. 

You will need:

1.  Five strips of tissue paper, 18" x 6"

2.  Floral wire and tape or a green pipe cleaner

A pink flower made from tissue paper
Strips of pink tissue paper 1.  Line up the strips of tissue paper.
The tissue paper is folded and tied in the middle 2.  Keeping all the pieces together, fold them accordion style all the way across.  Tie them together in the middle using the wire or pipe cleaner.
The folded paper is spread into a circular shape 3.  Spread the folds of paper out so that the paper forms a circle.
Seperating the layers of paper forms petals 4.  Gently separate the layers of the paper.  Start on the top layer and pull it up and away from the other layers.  Repeat with each layer.
The completed tissue paper flower 5.  If desired, wrap the stem in floral tape.
More Craft Ideas

Tissue paper is a thin and light paper, available in many colors.  Its most common use is probably stuffing gift bags, but it has a range of marvellous craft uses. 


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