Tissue Paper Butterfly

These butterflies are easy enough for kids to make and pretty enough for adults.  You can easily make larger, smaller, and many colored butterflies.  Add them to flower arrangements or tuck them into potted plant for a pretty spring touch.

You will need:

1.  Four 8" x 8" squares of tissue paper

2.  A pipe cleaner or floral wire

3.  A small piece of black or brown card stock

4.  Glue

5.  Scissors

Paper folded accordion styled and tied in the middle 1.  Line up the four squares of tissue paper.  Holding them together, fold them accordion style.  Wrap the pipe cleaner or wire around the middle and twist it tightly into place.

More Paper Crafts

The paper opened, spread, and fluffed 2.  Carefully spread the outer side of the tissue paper.  Pull the layers of the tissue paper apart and fluff them lightly.
A body for a butterfly 3.  Cut the card stock into a rectangle, about 3" x 1/2".  Make a cut down the center of the top for about 1".  The two skinny sections will be the antennae.  Roll each antenna up, then unroll it, to give it dimension. 
Attaching the body and wings 4.  Glue the body to the wings.  Allow the glue to dry.

The ancient Greek word for butterfly is "psyche" or soul, and butterflies have a loose association with souls.  In some superstitions, a black butterfly hovering in a house means that death will visit.  Mostly butterflies are considered good omens, however, bringing good luck and love.


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