Thumbprint Pictures

Make these fingerprint creatures with any washable paint.  Keep the texture of the paint on the thick side so the shape won't blur and wipe off your finger frequently. There are hundreds of creatures you could make, so be creative!  Here are a few to get you started.

You will need:

1.  Washable paint; finger paints, water colors, or acrylic paint

2.  Newspaper to cover your work area

3.  Heavy white paper

4.  Pens, markers, or colored pencils to draw in details

5.  Water and rags or paper towels for blotting and cleaning fingers

A finger print ant 
 A tree made with fingerprint foilage


Paint or draw the trunk and several limbs.  Use green paint and scatter fingerprints along the limbs to fill in as many leaves as you like.  You could also add some red and yellow prints to make an autumn tree.

 Colored balloons made with thumb prints


Draw in the strings for the balloons.  Use various colors and make each balloon with one large thumb print.  Wipe off your thumb in between colors.

 A cat made from finger prints


Use brown paint and make the thumb print for the body, your pointer finger print for the head, and several pinkie prints to shape the tail.  Let the paint dry and draw on ears, a face, and whiskers.

 A yellow butterfly made with finger prints


Use black paint and use your thumb print for the back or the butterfly, your middle finger print for the middle, and your pinkie print for the head.  You can stop here and you will have an ant.  You can also add a brighty colored thumb print for each wing and make a butterfly.  Let the paint dry, and then draw on legs, a face, and antennae.

It is a well know fact that every person has a unique set of fingerprints.  This makes fingerprints a great way to decorate cards or other gifts; each little creature is not only cute, but completely unique.


This butterfly's wings are made from two brightly colored handprints. Just add the body and antennae to make an adorable butterfly!

Use colorful hard candies to make this stained glass Christmas ornament. Even if you don't want to hang them on the tree, they make a fun Christmas treat.

Just a few folds, and you have a cup. It is perfect for holding candy or flowers. You can even use it for liquid if you use a water proof paper.