3D Star Christmas Ornament

This is a "wire" ornament that anyone can make.  The secret is to use starched string and then paint it a metallic color.  You can also leave it white for a delicate, lacy appearance.  Either way, this homemade ornament will look stunning on your Christmas tree.  You need a strong fabric stiffener so the ornament will hold its shape.  You can buy both dip or brush versions or spray on versions in craft stores.

You will need:

String Star Pattern


Bulletin board or sheet of cardboard

Straight pins, preferably with plastic tops

Wax paper

Fabric stiffener


Metallic paint (optional)

A metallic star Christmas ornament
Folding the star in half.

Step 1.  Print the pattern and paste it to cardstock.  Cut out the larger star. (We cut out the smaller star and pasted it to colored paper, and then to cardstock for contrast for the photos.  You don't have to do this.) Cover it with wax paper and tape the wax paper in place. 

Now you need to fold the cardstock to get the 3D look. 

Fold the star "in half" or from the tip of one point to the base of the next.  Crease it and then open the star back up.

The folded star

Step 2.  Continue folding the star in half through each point.  You will fold it five times in all.

Once you have all the folds, squeeze them up into the center to create a 3-D form.

The creased star.

The star on the bulletin board. Step 3.  Place the cardboard star on the bulletin board.   Put pins around the outside of the smaller star.  Make sure you have one pin at the point and base of each tip.  Put the other pins about 1/2 inch apart.
Starching the string

 Step 4.  Cover the star with string.  Randomly wrap the string around the pins, cross over the pattern, and wrap it around other pins.  When you like the design, wrap the string aound the star to outline it.

Now put some fabric stiffener in a bowl.  Use a paintbrush and paint it over the string.  Make sure all of the string is thickly coated.

Dabbing off the ornament.

Step 5.  Take a paper towel or rag and gently blot the ornament to remove any excess fabric stiffener.  Let the ornament dry overnight.

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The white string star ornament

Step 6.  Remove the pins and gently peel the star ornament off the wax paper.  It will probably stick a little bit at first, especially if you didn't blot it thoroughly.  Just keep peeling - it will come off.  You can leave the ornament white if you like it that way.

Tip:  Put your finger at the base of each pin and push down.  Pull the pin out with the other hand.

The star painted so that it looks metallic  Step 7.  Paint the star any color you desire.  Let it dry for several hours and then add a loop of ribbon so you can hang it on your tree.  This star is painted with copper leaf paint.


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