Candle Holder

This beautiful candle holder will add a warm autumn glow to your home.  You will use paper cuttings to make the frame and then use wax paper stained glass to fill in the frame.

You will need:

1.  Black cardstock

2.  The candle holder pattern

3.  A paper knife

4.  Wax paper

5.  Fall colored crayons

6.  A pencil sharpener

7.  An iron

8.  An old towel

9.  Craft glue

10.  A votive candle

Glowing candle holder for autumn
 Cut out the pattern for the fall candle holder  1.  Print the pattern and tape the corners down to the black cardstock.  Use your paper knife to cut away the white spaces.  Gently remove the tape.
 Crayons shavings in fall colors  2.  "Sharpen" your crayons.  Collect the shavings.  You will want about four tablespoons worth of shavings in all.
Sprinkle on the wax shavings 

 3.  Cut two pieces of wax paper so they are slightly larger than the candle holder frame.  Place your frame over one of them to use as a template.  Sprinkle on the wax shavings placing the colors in any pattern you like.   Sprinkle them on sparingly, as a little will go a long way.

The wax shavings once the template is removed

Carefully remove the template and place the second piece of wax paper on top of the first piece.

 Iron so that the wax melts together

 4.  Place an old towel or rag over the wax paper.  Take a hot iron and press is firmly on the rag or towel.  Move it slowly over the surface so that it melts the wax shavings and seals the wax paper together.   This may take a few minutes.

The melted waxWhen the wax is all melted, allow it to cool and harden for a few minutes.

Dot glue along the frame   5.  Dot glue along the frame.  Make sure you get lots of glue along the edges and any pointy parts of the frame.  If you don't, they will pull away from the wax paper.
The finished candle holder   6.  Press the frame firmly onto the wax paper.  Allow the glue to dry.  Then wrap the frame into a circle and glue the edges together.
 Glowing candle holder for autumn  7.  Place a small votive candle in center of the holder.   Make sure the flame is not too close to the edge of the candle holder.   A candle in glass or a battery-operated candle will be safer than a tea light.  The holder is made from paper after all.  Enjoy the cozy glow and beautiful fall colors!

Who doesn't love a crisp fall morning, orange and red leaves, and the coziness of warm fires and apple cider?  Fall officially begins on  the Autumn Equinox, though many people think of Fall as the season of September, October, and November.   Autumn is associated with harvest time as well as falling leaves, colder weather, and shorter days.


This autumn leaf pattern makes a quick and easy decoration for the fall season.

Use corn husks to make an old-fashioned wreath for Fall.

Add a beautiful glow to your home this fall with this "stained glass" candle holder. Shhh.... It's really made from paper and crayons.