Popcorn Tree

This spring blossom tree will be a popular craft with children of all ages.  It is simple enough for young children and engaging enough for older children.  After the trees are painted, put a big bowl of plain popcorn on the table and let everyone glue and munch at the same time.

You will need:

1.  A sheet of paper

2.  Brown paint

3.  A paint brush

4.  Popcorn

5.  Glue



The finished tree

A leafless tree painted on pink paper


Step 1.  Paint the tree.

Paint a tree with a trunk and branches, but no leaves.

Gluing popcorn kernels onto the tree

Step 2.  Glue on the popcorn.

Glue a kernel of popcorn to each branch.  They will look like the white blossoms on a tree in spring.

Flowering trees are one of the most beautiful sights in the spring.  As the weather warms, fruit bearing trees erupt into bloom.  Cherry trees are famous for their beautiful blossoms and in many cherry growing areas celebrate blossom time with festivals.  Citrus trees are famous for their delightful scent which can permeate the air all around the blooming groves.


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