Spider Web String Ornament

This spider web ornament is pretty and quite simple to make.  You use pins to hold string in place and then starch it to hold the shape of the web.  You can either dip the string in fabric stiffener as you put it in place or brush fabric stiffener over the thread once it is shaped like a web.  If you dip the string as you go, you will get sticky fingers.  If you brush the fabric stiffener on after you shape the string, you risk having glue residue on the finished ornament. 

A string ornament shaped like a spider web.

You will need:

The web ornament pattern

Wax paper

A bulletin board or a sheet of cardboard

Straight pins

White cotton string

Fabric stiffener

Ribbon (for hanging)


 Step 1.  Get the pattern ready.

Print the pattern, place it on the bulletin board or sheet of cardboard and cover the pattern with wax paper.

A spider web pattern covered with wax paper

Step 2.  Place the pins.

Place pins at all the points where lines intersect.

A spider web ornament with pins placed in it.

Step 3.  Begin placing the thread.

Note: If you are using the dip method, dip a few feet of string into the fabric stiffener.  Then begin wrapping it.  Keep dipping as you wrap more string.  If you are using the brush method, just wrap the string at this point.  YOu will add the fabric stiffener later.

Begin wrapping the string around the pins to form the circular pattern in the web.  When you have finished one round, move the string to the next round.  Loop the string around the pins in whichever way holds it so that it lies along the lines of the pattern.

Wrapping string around the pins to make a spider web shape.

Step 4.  Wrap the "spokes" of the web.

When all the circles are wrapped, the string will be near the center of the web.  Wrap up one side of the pins along a arm of the web and then down the other side.  Loop the thread over to the next arm.  Repeat this until all the arms are covered.

Wrapping the final parts of the spider web

 Step 5.  Finish the ornament.

If you used the dip method, then you are finished.   Just let the ornament dry overnight, gently remove the pins, and peel off the wax paper. 

If you are using the brush method, brush fabric stiffener onto the thread.  Make sure you get the threads quite wet and then blot up any excess.  Take your time blotting.  Let the ornament dry, remove the pins, and peel away the wax paper.

Brushing fabric stiffener on the spider web

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 Warning:  If you don't blot carefully, you will have pieces of glue that cling to the string when the ornament is dry.  Look carefully at the picture.   Do you see the glue?  It is hard to get off and detracts from the ornament. The finished spider web ornament for Christmas.

Step 6.  Enjoy the ornament.

Hang the ornament on your tree.  You can spray paint the ornament gold or silver, if you like, to match the legend.

A spider web ornament made with white string

The Legend of the Spiders

Once there were little spiders, hiding in the corner of a house.  They watched as the family decorated the Christmas tree and prepared for the coming of the Christ Child.  The spiders wanted to help, so that night, they spun their most beautiful webs on the tree.  In the morning, the horrifed family brushed away the webs.  The next night the spiders again spun their most delicate webs on the tree.  They stayed up all night trying to make the tree beautiful for the Christ Child.  The Christ Child saw how much they loved Him, so He turned their webs into silver and gold.  Today, we still put silver and gold tinsel on our Christmas trees in memory of the little spiders.


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