Silver Pinecone Christmas Ornament

Pinecone ornaments are beautiful and easy to make.  We chose a silver and white color scheme for this ornament, but you could use other colors to match your own color scheme.  This ornament is easy enough to make with children.  They will enjoy collecting and painting the pinecones.   

You will need:

A pinecone

Silver paint and a brush

Silver glitter

White ribbon

Silver ribbon

A glue gun

Step 1.  Paint the pinecone.

Brush silver paint onto the tips of the pinecone.


A pinecone painted silver.

Step 2.  Add the glitter.

Sprinkle on the glitter while the paint is still wet.  Let the ornament dry.  If you are worried about the glitter brushing off, which is often does, spray the pinecone with a light coat of sealer.

More Ideas for Pinecone Ornaments

Rustic Pinecone Ornament

Gilded Pinecone Ornament

Step 3.  Finish the ornament.

Glue on a loop of silver ribbon so you can hang your ornament on the tree.  Add a white bow.

Step 4.  Enjoy your ornament!

Hang the ornament on your tree.  The silver sparkle will look gorgeous against the green!

Depending on how you determine their size, the largest pinecones are produced by either the Coulter Pine or the Sugar Pine.  The Coulter pinecones are wide and heavy.  The largest pinecones can weigh 10 lbs!  Sugar pinecones are slender, but can be 20 inches long.


A tasty craft! Delicious on their own, or cute on top of cupcakes!

You can use these little stars as ornaments, miniature tree toppers, or hang them along garlands.

A lacy bowl that looks lovely on a table or filled with fruit.