Shirt and Tie Gift Bag

Just add a tie and a pocket to a paper lunch bag and it becomes a perfect gift bag for Dad this Father's Day.  If you want a colored shirt, you can find colored bags in craft and party stores. 


You will need:

1.  The tie and pocket pattern 

2.  A paper lunch bag

3.  Colored paper

4.  Scissors

5.  A stapler

6.  Craft glue




A tie cut out of orange paper

Step 1.  Cut out the pieces.

Cut the tie and knot out of matching paper.  Cut the pocket from a contrasting piece of paper.



Fold the bag top over and staple it in place.

Step 2.  Attach the tie to the bag.

Put your gift into the bag.  Line up the top of the tie and the top of the bag.  Fold the tops over about a half of an inch.  Staple the tie and bag top in place.



Add the knot to the tie.

Step 3.  Finish the tie.

Glue the knot into place on the top of the tie.  It will cover the staple.



The finished bag.  It looks like a shirt front.

Step 4.  Add the finishing touches.

Position the pocket and glue it on.  If desired, finished it by gluing on the button.  Your gift is ready!


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