Sewing Kit in a Jar

This little sewing kit is a pretty way to store a few sewing necessities.   It makes a charming gift, but it is so pretty and easy to assemble that you will want to make one for yourself, too!

You will need:

1.  A pint jar with a screw on lid

2.  A scrap of pretty fabric

3.  Six cotton balls

4.  A hot glue gun

5.  Assorted sewing supplies such as:
     Spools of thread
     A thimble
     A measuring tape
     Small scissors
     Assorted buttons

A sewing kit in a jar
A lid of a jar on a flowery piece of fabric 1.  Put the lid of the jar on the fabric scrap.  Cut out a square that is about two inches larger than the jar on all sides.
Cotton balls glued to the lid of a jar 2.  Glue the cotton balls to the lid, leaving a small amount of space around the edge.
Cover the cotton balls and lid with the fabric 3.  Dot  about half the edge of the lid with glue.   Put the fabric over the cotton balls, stretching it tightly and press it on to the glue.  Repeat with the other half of the lid.  
Trim to size 4.  Push the top of the jar up into the rim.  It should fit snugly.  Trim the fabric back a little, if desired.
Sewing supplies assembled in a jar 5.  Fill the jar with the sewing supplies.
The lid is a pin cushion 6.  Put on the lid.  It will fit snugly- you may have to push to screw it in place.  Use the soft top as a pincushion.

The needle is a simple, useful tool.  Primitive needles were made with bone, wood, and even cactus spears.  Most needles are now made in factories.  Spools of wire are straightened, cut, and ground on one end to form the point of the needle.  Then the eye is stamped into the top.  The needles are then tempered and polished.


Who doesn't need a needle and thread and a few pins from time to time? Keep them handy in this adorable sewing kit.

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