Salt Dough Bowl

This lacy bowl looks lovely on a table or filled with fruit.   Salt dough is easy and inexpensive to make so you can easily make several bowls.  We use a simple pattern, but you could make many more beautiful designs.  Salt dough is fragile, so handle your bowl like you would handle a glass bowl. 

You will need:

1.  White salt dough (Salt dough recipe)

2.  A small metal bowl

3.  A rolling pin 

4.  Two pencils

5.  A dish of water

A white bowl made of salt dough
A long rope made from white salt dough 1.  Roll out a rope of salt dough long enough to wrap around the rim of the bowl.  Roll out eight ropes of salt dough, each about eight inches long and about 1/4-1/2 inch thick.
Placing the loops around the bowl

2.  Place the long rope around the bowl.  To join the edges, dip your finger in water and wet each end.  Work them together until they are firmly joined.

Begin placing the shorter ropes into loops.  Line them up so that they touch each other.  Dip your finger in water, moisten the place where the loops touch, and gently squeeze them together. 

The bowl with all he loops in place. 3.  When all the loops are in place, join them where they touch.  To do this, dip your finger in water, moisten the place where the loops touch,  and gently squeeze them together.
 Rolling out salt dough evenly with two pencils and a rolling pin 4.  Roll out another piece of salt dough until it is about a quarter of an inch thick.  To make sure the dough is even, put a #2 pencil on each side of the dough, and roll until the rolling pin rolls over the pencil.
The bottom is added to the  bowl

5.  Cut out a circle, dampen the ends of the dough loops, and place the circle over them.  gently press it into place.

Allow the bowl to air dry for two days or bake it for 4 hours in a 200 degree oven.  Drying times vary, so check to make sure it is dry before you remove it from the bowl.

The finished salt dough bowl

6.  Gently pull the dough bowl out of the bowl you used for the mold.  Salt dough shrinks as is dries so you will have to be careful during this step.  If you are gentle, you can slide a knife under the rim of the salt dough bowl and pry it away from the metal.




More Salt Dough Crafts

Other salt dough ideas


Salt dough is a beloved craft staple.  The simplest recipes are made only from flour, water, and salt, but the addition of oil and cream of tartar can provide a smoother texture.  The dough dries hard, enabling users to make permanent crafts, though the dried dough is breakable and will dissolve if it gets too wet.


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