Suncatcher Made with Safety Pins

Kids love coming up with their own color patterns and making these sparkly sun-catchers.  You are working with safety pins (they poke) so this craft is best for ages 10 and up.  You can also use this same pattern to make glimmering Christmas ornaments.

You will need:

1.  2 ft. of beading wire

2.  Nine safety pins

3.  54 beads (1/4 in. diameter.)

4.  Pliers (optional)

One colored and one white suncatcher
An open safety pin with beads on it.

Step 1.  Put the beads on the pins.

  Put three beads on each safety pin.  Close them.  If you want to make sure they will not open, crimp their heads with the pliers.

A round of safety pins with colored beads

Step 2.  Arrange the beaded pins.

  Cut a six inch piece of beading wire.  Thread it through the bottom loop of all nine pins.  Make sure the beaded edges of the pins face in the same direction.  Twist it firmly so it will stay in place, but don't cut the edges yet in case you need to tighten it or loosen it later.

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Threading on beads in between the pins

Step 3.  Add the outside border.

Thread the remaining wire through the eye of a pin.  Thread on three beads, and then thread the wire through the next pin.  Do this until there are three beads between each pin. 

Tighten the wire and twist.  Then knot it.  Clip the ends about 1/2 in. from the knot.  Use the pliers to tick the ends into beads on the outer edge and weave the ends on the inner edge into the safety pins, so that your sun-catcher is secure.  Add a loop of wire so you can hang up your sun-catcher.

Hang your sun-catcher in a bright window and enjoy the sparkle.  Or, if it is winter, hang it on your Christmas tree!  


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