Beaded Pinecone Ornament

Pinecones make beautiful, natural ornaments.  You can buy them in craft stores but if there are pine trees in your neighborhood, it is fun to collect them for yourself.  Just ask first!  Brush off any dirt and they are ready to use.  Be creative with this craft.  You can spray paint the pinecones gold or silver or use other types of beads, thread, and ribbon for an entirely different look.

You will need:

A pinecone

Pink satin ribbon


Pearl beads

A darning needle

Hot glue or a strong craft glue

Step 1.  Separate the twine.

Cut a piece of twine about eight inches long.  Divide it into three or four strands.

Step 2.  Thread the needle.

Use one of the pieces of twine to thread the needle.  It is easier to thread the needle if you fold a piece of paper over the end of the twine.

Step 3.  Thread the beads onto the twine.

String six pearl beads onto the twine.  Of course, you can use more beads, fewer beads, or colored beads, if you prefer.

 Step 4.  Add a bow.

Cut a piece of ribbon about eight inches long.  Tie it into a bow in the middle of the beads.

How to tie a bow

Step 6.  Finish the ornament.

Glue the bow to the top of the pinecone.  Trim the ends of the ribbon to the desired length.



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