Burlap Christmas Ornaments

What could be cuter than these burlap ornaments?  These are simple enough for children to make, so this is a perfect family craft for Christmas.  You can find burlap in craft stores but you may be able to find an old potato sack or rice bag with pretty patterns on it.  You will have enough cloth to make an entire set, so make lots of different shapes and sizes. 

You will need:



Fabric stiffener


Cotton ribbon

A needle and thread

Step 1.  Cut ornaments out of the burlap.

Cut the burlap into circles, hearts, or other shapes.

Step 2.  Soak the burlap in fabric stiffener.

Pour fabric stiffener into a bowl.  Soak the ornaments in the stiffener until they are completely wet.  Press them between two paper towels to remove any excess stiffener.

Step 3.  Let the ornaments dry.

Put the ornaments on a sheet of wax paper to dry.  If the edges start to curl, pin them down until the ornaments are dry.

Step 4.  Make bows and hanging loops.

Make a twine loop and a bow for each ornament. 

How to tie a perfect bow.

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Step 5.  Stitch the ornaments together.

Make a stitch through the bow and around the loop to hold everything together.   If you prefer, you can use hot glue.  Your ornaments are ready to hang on the tree!

Burlap is woven from the course fibers of jute or hemp.  The resulting fabric is strong but rough in texture.  It is usually used for making sacks and carpeting.  Have you ever heard of someone doing penance in "sackcloth and ashes?"  Sackcloth would be very similar to burlap, rough in texture, and very uncomfortable!


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