Burlap and Lace Ring Bearer's Pillow

Even if you don't have a lot of sewing experience, you can make this lovely ring bearer's pillow.  It only requires a few straight seams!  The burlap and lace has a rustic, but elegant look.  If you use burlap, you will need to make a liner pillow or the batting with show through the burlap.  Of course, you can replace the burlap with fabric in any color to match your own wedding theme.  You can also make a flower girl's basket from burlap for an adorable matching set.

You will need:

Burlap, about two square feet.

Wide lace, about two feet.

Cotton fabric to make the lining


A sewing machine




Twine (optional)

Step 1.  Cut out the fabric.

Cut two squares of burlap.  Our squares are seven inches across, but you can make them larger or smaller if you want a larger or smaller pillow. 

Cut two squares of cotton fabric.  Make them 1/2 inch smaller than the burlap squares.  If your burlap squares are seven inches across, make the cotton squares 6 1/2 inches across.

Step 2.  Make the liner pillow.

Stitch the two cotton squares together, leaving about 2 inches of unstitched fabric in a corner.  Stuff the pillow until it is as stiff as you like.  Then stitch the last two inches together.  Since this pillow won't be visible at all, don't worry that the raw edges show.

Step 3.  Make the burlap cover.

Stitch the burlap squares together along three sides.  Turn them so the seams are on the inside.

Step 4.  Insert the cotton pillow.

Push the cotton pillow into the burlap cover.  Fold the raw edges of the burlap to the insidePin them together.

Step 5.  Pin the lace in place.

Wrap the lace around the pillow.  Put the edges in the middle of the back of the pillow.  Use a few pins to hold the lace in place.

Step 6.  Top-stitch the pillow.

Carefully stitch all the way around the pillow, about 1/4 of an inch from the edge.  This will close the open end of the pillow and hold the lace in place.  Trim any threads.  You can stitch the ends of the lace together or glue them in place.

To use the pillow, tie a piece of twine around the pillow.  Use the twine to tie the rings in place so they don't slide off the pillow.

Make a matching basket for the flower girl!

Although many brides include a ring bearer in the wedding party, he doesn't always carry the actual wedding bands down the aisle.  Rather than risk losing their rings, many couples entrust the band to the best man right before the ceremony.  The ring bearer carries two imitation rings or simply an empty pillow.


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