Purse Gift Bag

A unique gift bag adds a special touch to any gift.  Use our template to quickly make this miniature gift bag shaped like a purse.  It is a perfect size for jewelry or a gift card.  Obviously, you can use any colors and add glitter, buttons, or bows for decoration.

You will need:

Colored paper

The purse gift bag template




Step 1.

Use the pattern to cut the purse out of colored paper.  For the handle, cut a strip of paper one inch wide and 11 inches long.

Then cut the back and front flap portion of the pattern out of a contrasting piece of paper.  You will use this to line the inside of the purse.

Step 2.

Fold along every lineMake a good crease and open the paper back up.

Step 3. 

Line the purse.  Paste the lining to the white side of the purse.  If desired, line the strap too.

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Step 4.

Dab glue on the tabs along the sides of the purse and at the bottom of the purse.  Fold the sides in place and gently press the tabs down to glue everything together. 

Step 5.

Glue the handle in place.  If desired, you can add a velcro dot or a bow to hold the front flap in place.  Decorate the purse with bows, glitter, or flowers, if desired.

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