Purse Card

This purse shaped card is perfect for Mother's Day or for a little girl's birthday.  Expirement with color combinations and decorations.  For example, you could use a button or a buckle instead of the bow.  You could cover the purse flap with colored paper instead of the pocket.  When you've finished decorating, open up the card and write a message inside.

You will need:

1.  Purse card pattern

2.  Solid paper, white paper, colored paper

3.  Scissors

4.  Glue (We recommend Rubber Cement.)

5.  Ribbon

6.  Sequins

Two cards shaped like purses

Step 1.

A purse card cut out of red paper

1.  Cut out the purse.

 Print out the pattern and place it on a solid piece of paper.  Cut all around the pattern.  Then carefully cut out the semicircle in the middle and fold it along the dotted line at the bottom.

Step 2.
The inside and outside liners for the purse card

2.  Cut out a liner and a backer.

Use the bottom half of the pattern to cut out a liner out of solid white paper and a backer out of printed paper.

Step 3.
Putting a liner on the card

3.  Paste on the liner.

Paste the liner to the top half of the card in front.  This will be the area where you write your message.   You can skip this step if your solid paper is light enough to show writing.

Step 4.
Put colored paper on the pocket

4.  Paste on the backer.

Turn the card over.  Paste the colored paper to the card on the bottom half of the card.  Use your scissors to trim any excess paper.

Step 5.
The folded purse, ready for decoration.

 5.  Fold the card. 

Fold up the bottom half.  The printed paper should now be on the front.  Fold the flap down over the bottom.  The card is starting to look like a purse now!

Step 6.
Add a bow and sequins

6.  Decorate the card.

Add a bow to the flap.  Then dot the handle with glue and add sequins.  Add sequins to the flap, too, if you wish.  Allow the glue to dry.

Step 7.
The finished purse card with another open card behind it

7.  Add a message.

When the glue is open up the card and write your message on the inside.  Refold the card.  It is ready!

Mother's Day became a nationally recognized American holiday in 1914.  Anne Jarvis, its founder, wished to set aside a day when families would honor their mothers and grandmothers.  Mother's Day is celebrated on the second Sunday in May.  Other countries have adopted this holiday, some of them celebrating on the same day and others celebrating Mother's Day in March.

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