Pineapple Fruit Bowl

Pineapple fruit bowls are lovely and easy to make. 

You will need:

1.  A ripe pineapple

2.  A long knife

3.  A short knife

4.  Paper towels

5.  Assorted fruit for filling the fruit bowl

A hollowed out pinapple filled with fresh cut fruit

Step 1.  Begin cutting the pineapple.

Set the pineapple on its side.  Take your long knife and stick it into the middle of the pineapple.  Cut down to the bottom of the pineapple.

 A knife slicing through the stalk of a pineapple

Step 2.  Split the stalk.

Re-insert your kinfe in the middle of the pineapple.  Cut upward to split the top in half.  You will have to tug and pull and saw a bit to cut through the stalk.

 Cutting to hollow out the pineapple

Step 3.  Hollow out the pineapple. Seperate the pineapple.  Take one half at a time.  Insert your short knife at a sharp angle and cut around the outside edge of the pineapple.

 A hallowed out half of pineapple

Step 4.  Use a spoon for a perfectly hollowed pineapple.

Pull out the middle and set it aside.  If needed, use a spoon to hollow out the center a bit more.

 Halved and hollowed out pineapples draining on a paper towel

Step 5.  Drain the pineapple.

Repeat with the other half of pineapple if desired.  Set the hollowed out pineapple halves upside down on paper towels so they will drain.

 A knife coring a piece of pineapple

Step 6.  Core and cut the pineapple flesh.

Meanwhile, take the middle section of pinapple.  Cut it in half and core it, if desired.  Cut it into bite size peices.

 The hallowed out half filled with fresh cut fruit

Step 7.  Fill the pineapple.

Mix the pineapple bits with other fresh fruit of your choice, such a grapes, oranges, cantalope, water melon, or fresh berries.  Spoon the fruit salad into the hollowed out pineapple.  Refrigerate until you are ready to serve.  You can use the pineapple bowl on its own, or place it on a serving tray and surround it with additional fruit or cheese squares.

The pineapple is a delicious tropical fruit, indigenous to South America.  It grows on a bush like plant with tough spikey leaves.  For many years, the pineapple was cultivated commercially on Hawaii.  Two companies, Del Monte and Dole, were hugely successful pineapple cultivars.  Today, Hawaii produces few pineapples commercially but you can still enjoy a fresh pineapple if you visit.


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