Flag Picture Frame

This patriotic picture frame is made by gluing rolled paper to an old frame.  This is a great way to display a picture for the Fourth of July.  You could also use other color themes to match other holidays, or for other flags.

You will need:

Red and blue paper


A straw or wooden dowel

White craft glue

A hot glue gun

An old picture frame

Red and blue paper triangles

Step 1.  Cut the paper.

Cut the paper into triangular strips that are six inches long and 1 1/4 inch wide at the top.  You will use one strip to make each paper roll.

Rolling blue paper around a straw

Step 2.  Glue and roll.

Starting about one inch above the base of the triangle, drizzle some glue on the back of the triangle.  You don't have to spread it evenly, but make sure you coat the tip of the triangle.  Roll the triangle around the straw.  The glue should hold the paper in place, forming a small, stiff roll of paper.

Drying a roll

Step 3.  Let the paper rolls dry.

Slide the paper roll off the straw and allow it to dry.  Make enough rolls to cover the frame.  To cover a 4 x 6 frame, you will need approximately 20 blue rolls and 50 red rolls.

Gluing the rolls to the frame

Step 4.  Glue the rolls to the frame.

Use a hot glue gun and glue the rolls all the way around the frame.  Put the blue rolls in the upper left corner of the frame.

The finished frame

Step 5.  Allow the glue to cool and find a picture to frame!

Once the glue is cool, carefully clip away any glue strings.  Your frame is ready to use.

The first American flag had thirteen stars and thirteen stripes, to represent the thirteen states in the Union.  As new states entered the United States, more stars were added to the flag but the number of stripes is still thirteen.  Although the fifty-starred flag is a familiar sight, it is relatively new.  The last two territories to become states, Alaska and Hawaii, were granted statehood in 1959.


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