Paper Bat Swarm

These bats are easy to make.  So make a whole swarm and hang them everywhere for cool, but not too creepy, Halloween decorations.

You will need

1.  A sheet of heavy black paper for each bat 

2.  Scissors

3.  Thread

4.  Invisible tape or glue

5.  The Bat Pattern

A swarm of paper bats

Cutting out the bat


1.  Fold the sheet of paper in half.  Place the pattern on the fold and cut it out.
Fold the wings for a realistic look 2.  Open up the bat and fold the wings along the lines indicated by the pattern.   These don't have to align perfectly - you can eye ball it if you wish.
Use tape and thread to hang the bat 3.  Tape or glue a piece of thread to the back of the bat.  Attach the thread at the top if you wish for the bat to hang in an upright position.  Attach the thread in the middle if you wish for the bat to hang in a more horizontal postiion.   Our bat is going to hang horizontally.
A swarm of paper bats 4.  Use tape or Tac 'N Stik to hang the bat in a window or from a ceiling.  Have fun arranging your bats to make an entire swarm!

Bats have a reputation for being fearsome creatures of the night.  Is it because they hunt at night?  Because they sometimes carry disease?  Because a few rare species have truly creepy eating habits, such as the vampire bat?  In fact, most bats are mild mannered, fuzzy, and excellent hunters of mosquitoes and other pesky bugs.  They flitter and flutter through the darkness guided by an amazing echo location system.   Nonetheless, they are associated with darkness and fear, so go ahead and use them as a creepy Halloween decoration.  They won't mind.



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