Oreo Turkey

These tasty little turkeys add a fun, festive touch to the Thanksgiving table.  Put one at each place or decorate trays with them.  This is also a fantastic project for kids.  They love working with the candy, cookies, and frosting.  It is easiest (and tidiest) to apply the frosting with a tube, but if you don't have one, you can just dab the frosting on with a spoon.

*Like this craft, but want a healthier version?  Try our Apple Turkey.

You will need:

1.  Double stuffed Oreo cookies

2.  Reese's bits or peanut clusters

3.  Whoppers or malted milk balls

4.  Candy corns

5.  Chocolate frosting

6.  A decorator's tube with a medium star or round tip.

A turkey made out of Oreos and candy 
 Six candy corns stuck in the filling of an Oreo cookie  1.  To form the tail, gently press the tips of 5-7 candy corns into the filling of a cookie.
A peanut cluster and Whopper attached to a Oreo   2.  Put a dot of frosting on the Reese's bit or peanut cluster.  Stick it to the Oreo to  form the body.  Put a dot of frosting on the Whopper and stick it to the Oreo above the Reese's bit or peanut cluster to form the head.
 The turkey balances on an Oreo  3. Take another Oreo, put a large dot of frosting on it, and the balance your turkey on it so that it stands upright.
 Two candy corns are attached.  They look like wings on the turkey.  4.  Use frosting two attach two candy corns for wings. 
 The turkey gets a beak  5.  Cut or break a candy corn in half and attach it as a beak.

Oreo cookies where created by Nabisco in 1912.  They were originally called "biscuits" and their filling came in two flavors, lemon meringue and creme.  The distinctive Oreo design on the top of the cookie was added in 1952. 


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