Onesie Card

This is a pretty card to accompany any gift to a new baby.  The basic design is simple but you can add elaborate embellishments if you wish. The pattern is sized so you can cut the card from an ordinary 8 1/2 x 11 sheet of paper.

You will need:

Onesie card pattern

Colored paper


Two small buttons or a bow



A card shaped like a onesie
Cutting out a card using a pattern

Step 1.  Cut out the card.

Fold your colored paper in half.  Place the pattern so the top of the onesie is along the folded edge.  If your paper has a large design, you may wish to place the pattern so that the design will be centered.

Two onesie cards decorated in different ways.

Step 2.  Decorate the card.

Glue on two buttons or a bow.  If you wish, you can also add trim or other decorations.  Write your message inside the card and attach it to your gift!

Expectant mothers have alway received support from their families and communities, but the "baby shower" as we know it is quite a modern event.  The game filled, gift opening party became popular in the 1950s.  At that time, it was usually a ladies only event.   Couple showers are becoming increasingly popular, although girls only parties still outnumber couples events.


Are you giving a bottle of wine as a hostess gift? Add this adorable hat and scarf to make your gift memorable!

This card is a perfect way to give cash. Fold a dollar bill (or a 5, 10 or 20 dollar bill) into a heart and use it to decorate the card.

An adorable gift or a decoration for a baby shower, this creeping, crawling caterpillar carries a bunch of diapers!