Chocolate Heart Valentine

A message of love and chocolate - this clearly is a fabulous valentine. 

You will need:

1.  The heart valentine pattern

2.  Black cardstock

3.  Four 1/4 inch strips of pink paper

4.  Glue, preferably Rubber Cement

5.  A chocolate heart

A valentine with candy hearts
A valentine pattern 1.  Use the pattern to cut the background out of black cardstock.  Cut the slits in the sides.
Pink paper strips are woven around the edges 2.  Carefully weave the pink paper through the slits.  Glue down the ends and trim away any excess length.
Pasting everything in place to make a valentine 3.  Using the pattern sheet, cut the letters for the message out.  Carefully paste the letters and the heart in place.   We recommend using rubber cement for the letters and a glue dot for the heart.
A pink and black valentine 4.  Allow the rubber cement to dry.  If any leaked or dripped onto the card, gently rub it off with your finger.

Why do we give chocolates on Valentine's Day?  Why is it associated with romance? The answer is: mostly because of clever marketing.  However, chocolate was well suited for the role.  It was once expensive and therefore indulgent.  It played an interesting role in ancient Mayan and Aztec history.   It also is delicious.  These things combine to give chocolate an aura of romance and delight, making it well suited for its role as a popular romantic gift.



These huge kisses are made from molded krispy Treats. This is a fun craft for Valentine's Day.

A paper bee carries a sweet message. The box carries sweet treats.

These paper hearts have many uses. Make a garland or a wreath. Arrange them into a heart bouquet. Hang them over your doorknob. You can even use them as Christmas ornaments!