Miniature Crocheted Iceskate

This iceskate is only about an inch high and an inch long.  It makes a lovely ornament for a small Christmas tree, but you can also dangle it on a keychain or zipper.  We like to use embroidery thread for our miniature ornaments since it is available in many colors but ordinary cotton thread will work, too.

You will need:

Dark pink embroidery thread

Light pink embroidery thread

A safety pin, about an inch long

A 1.75 mm size crochet hook

A needle


Step 1.  Chain along the pin.

Make a slip knot and insert your hook.  Slip stitch around the safety pin six times, forming a "chain" attached to the pin.

 Step 2.  Begin to crochet in the round.

Row 1.  You will begin to crochet in the round, now.  Chain 1.  Using just one side of the chain loop, single crochet across.  Turn.  Single crochet across again, using the other half of the chain loops.  Join.

Free Crochet Patterns for Christmas Ornaments

Step 3.  Finish the skate.

Rows 2 and 3.  Work single crochet around.  After round three, you will close the toe of the skate.  To do this, make two slip stitches, stitching the sides of the round together.


Rows 4-6.  Chain one.  Work single crochet all the way around.  (This will make the ankle of the skate.)

Step 4.  Add trim to the skate.

Row 7.  Join on the light pink thread. * Chain 3.  Slip stitch in the next stitch.  Repeat from the * all the way around.  Tie off the thread.

 Step 5.  Add the laces.

Thread the needle with the light pink thread.  Stitch an X pattern up the front of the skate to look like lacings.  Tie a bow or a knot.

 Step 6.  Enjoy your iceskate ornament.

Add a loop of thread and hang the ornament on the tree!  You can make a pair and let them dangle together.

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