Crocheted Miniature Bluebird Ornament 

This tiny bluebird is adorable.  It is only about an inch long, and because of its small size, it doesn't take long to make.  We use embroidery thread for our miniature ornaments, since you can purchase small amounts inexpensively.  However, spooled cotton thread will work well, too. 

You will need:

Blue embroidery thread

Pink embroidery thread

Yellow embroidery thread

A 1.75 mm size crochet hook

A needle

Fabric stiffener (optional)

Step 1.  Chain 6.  Join.

Chain 1.  Make twelve single crochets into the loop.  Chain 1.  Join.

Step 2.  (Begin by making the head) Chain 4.  Double crochet.  Make two double crochets in the next stitch.  Double crochet in the next stitch.  Chain 1.  Single crochet in the next stitch.  Single crochet in each of the next four stitiches.  (Now you will make the tail.)  Chain 1. Double crochet in the same stitch.  Chain 1.  Treble crochet into the next stitch.  Chain 4.  Single crochet into the next stitch and in all the rest of the stitches around.  Join.  Tie off.

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Step 3.  Add the beak.

Join the yellow thread. Chain 1.  Make a single crochet in the next stitch.  Chain 1.  Slip stitch in the same stich.  Tie off.

Step 4.  Add a wing.

With the pink thread, chain 2.  Single crochet into the first chain three times.  Chain 3.  Make three more single crochet into the first chain.  Tie off.

Stitch or glue the wing in place.

Step 5  Finish the bird.

If desired, spray the bird with fabric stiffener, lay it flat on wax paper, and let it dry.

Add a loop of thread and hang the bird on your tree!

If you see a brightly colored bluebird, it is likely a male.  Females have duller feathers than the males, possibly so they are not conspicous while they sit on their nest.  Male bluebirds gather nesting materials, protect the nest, and gather food for the baby birds, but the female is the one who sits on the eggs until they hatch.


Gilded Wreath

This shiny wreath is lovely hanging on a Christmas tree or equally lovely on a door or in a window.  Best of all, it is a quick, easy, and inexpensive craft.  Make this rustic ornament with a few twigs.  Then spray paint it silver or gold or leave it a natural color. 

What you need:

1.  Fifteen sticks, three inches long

If you know the legend of the spiders, you will love this beautiful and unusual Christmas ornament.

This paper Rudolph is a perfect holiday craft for kids.