Miniature 3-D Star Ornament

Homemade ornaments add a special touch to any Christmas decorations and these adorable 3-D stars are perfect as tree toppers, ornaments, or on wreaths.  They don't take long to make, so you can easily make several for a garlandYou don't have to make three dimensional stars, either.  You can use the same pattern, just make one star, and lay it flat to dry.  It will still be a lovely little ornament.

You will need:

Cotton thread

A size 6 crochet hook

Cardboard or a bulletin board

Fabric stiffener

Straight pins

Thread or ribbon for hanging


Step 1.  Crochet three miniature stars.

Round 1.  Chain 8.  Join.

Round 2.  Chain 4.  Make two double crochets in the loop.  *Chain 5.  Make three double crochets in the loop.  Repeat from the * until there are five clusters of double crochets.  Chain 5.  Join.

Round 3.  Slip stitch into the next two double crochets and into the chain 5 loop.  Chain 1.  Make 3 single crochets into the same loop.  Chain 3.  Make three more single crochets, still in the same loop.  Chain 1. You have finished one point of the star.  Time to do the next point!

*Make 3 single crochets into the next loop.  Chain 3.  Make three more single crochets in the same loop.  Chain 1.

Repeat from the * until all the points of the star are complete.  Join.  Tie off and weave in the ends.

More Crocheted Ornaments

 Step 2.  Shape the star.

Dip the star into fabric stiffener or spray it with fabric stiffener.  Lay one star down flat to dry and pin the other two stars as shown, so they are folded in the middle.  Use pins to shape the stars and keep them in place while they dry.  Let them dry overnight.

Step 3.  Assemble the star.

Glue one folded star on each side of the flat star.  Let the glue dry.

Step 4.  Enjoy the star.

Add a loop of slender ribbon or thread so you can hang your star up.  Put it on your tree or use it to decorate a garland or centerpiece.

About half of the people in the Unites States use artificial Christmas trees instead of real pines or firs.  Artificial trees have actually been around for a long time.  Early versions, made in the late 1800's were made from wood or feathers.  Over the years, designs have improved.  There are even "tree trends" among artificial tree users.  Does anyone remember aluminum trees?  A more recent trend is upside down trees!


Beautiful and simple, this snowflake ornament will look stunning on your Christmas tree. A homemade ornament also makes a delightful gift.

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