Mini Granny Square Stocking

This stocking is made with seven granny squares cleverly pieced together.  The result is both cute and elegant.  Put little gifts or treats in this stocking and hang it on your tree.  You can make several and hang them on the mantle or use them to hold silverware for a Christmas place setting.

You will need:

1.  White cotton crochet thread

2.  A #7 crochet hook

3.  A needle and white thread (for stitching the squares together)

4.  A few inches of ribbon (to hang your stocking)

Six little granny squares

Step 1.  Make six small granny squares with two rounds.  Make a larger granny square with eights rounds. 

How to make a granny square

The first set of stitches

Step 2.  Stich four of the squares together into a larger square.  Stitch one square on the outside so it sticks out like an ear.

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Step 3.  To form the toe of the stocking, fold three of the granny squares (not the one with "ear" attached) in half.  Take your last small granny square and use one half of it to fill in the V shape left open by the other squares.  Stitch these squares in place.  Your stitches will make the X shape you see.  This isn't as complicated as it sounds.  If you get confused just look carefully at the picture.
Folding to make the heel Step 4.  To form the heel, fold one side of the ear over and stitch it into the square you just stitched in place.
Add the ankle cover Step 5.  Now take the large granny square.  Fold it in half.  It should fit along the opening left in the toe/heel part of the stocking.  Stitch it to the toe/heel section and then stitch up the side of the large square.  You are almost finished!
Step 6.  Finally, turn over a small section at the top of the stocking.  Loop a piece of ribbon through your stocking.  It is ready to hang.

Why do we hang stocking by the mantle?  One charming story claims that it is because good St. Nicholas left gold in the stockings of three lovely but penniless maidens, thus providing them with a dowry.  In a variation of the same legend, the generous saint tossed the gold coins down the chimney and they landed in the stockings which were hung in a row by the fire to dry.


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