Lollipop Flower

Candy and flowers are a Valentine's Day tradition.  Why not combine them with a candy bouquet?  These flowers are made from lollipops and tissue.  You can use sheet tissue or streamers.  We used tissue paper with a scalloped edge but you can use straight edged pieces or cut scallops.

You will need:

1.  Lollipops

2.  Tissue paper or streamers

3.  Green thread

4.  Message tag (optional)

Three flowers made from tissue paper and lollipops
A strip of tissue paper and two lollipops 1.  Cut pieces of tissue about eighteen inches long and two inches wide.   You will need one for each flower.  If desired, scallop one edge of the tissue strips.
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The tissue paper wrapped around a lollipop to form flower petals 2.  Wrap the tissue around the lollipop, pleating in the bottom edge as you wrap so the top edge flares outward.
Tying the tissue paper in place 3.  Wrap a piece of green thread or yarn around the bottom of the tissue paper several times to hold it in place.  Knot it tightly.
The finished tissue paper flower 4.  If desired, add a gift tag with a message.  Tie it on with the green thread and finish with a bow.

Did you know that you can send a secret message with flowers?  In the Vicotorian era, many flowers symbolized certain emotions.  You can tell your sweetheart exactly how you feel by mixing all the right blossoms in a bouquet.  Here are the symbols of a few popluar flowers:  red roses are for passion, pink roses are for romance, yellow roses are for friendship.  Baby's breath is for innocence and red and purple tulips are for unending love.   But what if you aren't in love?  Orange lilies indicate hatred and yellow carnations indicate disdain.  For milder feelings, you can use white roses to express non-romantic affection.


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