Lacy Snowflake Ornament

This beautiful handmade ornament looks fragile and difficult.  However, you can make it in twenty minutes with our amazing stiffened string method.  Snowflake ornaments are so quick and inexpensive, you can easily make several delicate ornaments for your tree and they make lovely gifts. 

 You will need:

White cotton string

Fabric stiffener

Straight pins

Wax paper

A bulletin board or a piece of cardboard

Snowflake Pattern

A snowflake ornament hanging on a Christmas tree 

Step 1.  Set up the pattern.

Pins over a snowflake pattern

Print the pattern and tape it or pin it to the bulletin board or cardboard.  Cover it with wax paper.  Place a pin wherever lines on the pattern intersect.  Place several pins to outline each curve.  It will be easier to wrap the string if you "color code" the pins, as shown.


Step 2.  Soak the string in stiffener.

Dipping white string in starch

Put a small amount of fabric stiffener in a bowl.  Take about three feet of string and loop it into the stiffener.  When the string is wet with stiffener, start wrapping it around the pins on the pattern.  Then pull another few feet of string into the stiffener.  You will get sticky fingers, so keep a damp paper towel on hand so you can wipe you hands. 


Step 3.  Wrap the outer loops of the snowflake.

Keep wrapping the string

Start anywhere.  Wrap the thread around each outer loop.  Wrap the thread around the base of the pins so that it follows the lines of the pattern.  Sometimes the thread doesn't naturally slide down to the base of the pins.  If this happens, use a finger or the tip of a butter knife to push it down.


Step 4.  Wrap the inner loops.

Wrap the inside loops of the snowflake

Using the same technique, move the inner set of loops and wrap them up.  You will have to double over the thread sometimes. 

When all the loops have been wrapped once, repeat steps 3 & 4 so every loop has at least two layers of thread.  This will make the snowflake sturdier. 


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Step 5.  Finish the snowflake.

The finished snowflake

Let the snowflake dry overnight.  Gently remove the pins.  If the snowflake doesn't lie flat, put it between two sheets of wax paper and let it sit under a heavy book for several hours.  Add a loop of ribbon so you can hang the snowflake on your tree.



A snowflake ornament hanging on a Christmas tree

Did you know that the record for "Most People Making Snow Angels Simultaneously" belongs to North Dakota?  In 2007, 8962 people made snow angels all at once.   That is a lot of snow angels!


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