Knitted Baby Hat

You can make this hat with basic knitting stitches so it is a good project for a beginning knitter.  It works up quickly and it is so cute!  It will quickly become a favorite pattern.

You will need:

1. One skein of blue yarn

2. One skein of gold yarn (You won't use it all.)

3.  Size 8 knitting needles

4.  A large eyed needle or crochet hook

5.  Scissors


Knitting a stripe patter for a baby hat

  Cast on thirty stitches. 

Rows 1-6.  Work the garter stitch (Knit every row) for the first six rows.

Rows 7-12.  Work the reverse stockinette stitch (Purl 1 row, knit 1 row) for the next six rows.  You will end with a row of knitting.

Rows 13-18.  Repeat rows 1-6.

Rows 19-24.  Repeat rows 7-12.

You will see the stipe pattern forming.  Continue knitting repeating rows 1-6 and then 7-12 until you have 17 stripes.

If you wish to make a bigger hat just add more stripes.  Stop on an odd number such as 21 or 25.


The finished piece of knitting Finish off your knitting.
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Stitch the hat together

Fold the knitting in half with the striped side facing inward.  Using your large eyed needle or crochet hook and a piece of blue yarn, stitch one side together.

Turn the hat right side out when you are finished.


Yarm wrapped to be made into a pompom Make the pompom.  To do this, take the end of the blue yarn and the end of the yellow yarn.  Wrap them both around your hand multiple times.  The more you wrap the fluffier the pompom will be.
Cutting the pompom

Cut the strands when you have a nice thick amount of yarn wrapped around your hand.  Carefully slip your hand out of the middle.  Wrap another piece of yarn around the middle and tie it tightly.  It will make the yarn into a sort of figure eight.  Use your scissors to cut through both ends of this figure eight.

This sounds much harder than it is - just look at the picture.  The middle is tied in place.  One side of the figure eight is cut.

Fluff out the pompom and trim any pieces of yarn that stick out.  You can make the pompom smaller by trimming all the yarn down.

The pompom attached to the hat.

Use the extra yarn from the piece tied around the middle to attach the pompom to the hat.

Inserting the yarn for the braids

To make the braids, cut 6 blue pieces of yarn, five feet in length.  Cut 6 yellow pieces of yarn, also five feet in length.  Divide them into three groups, each with 2 yellow pieces of yarn and 2 blue pieces of yarn.  Take each strand and loop it through a stitch at the bottom front corner of the hat.  Pull them through half way and then fold them over.

The hat with one braid

When all three strands are in place, braid them firmly until until you have a braid that is a foot long.  Knot it tightly and cut off the excess yarn about two inches below the knot.

Use this same method to make a braid on the other side of the hat.


Your adorable baby hat is complete.

A baby sleeping while wearing a blue and yellow hat

Knitting usually uses two needles to turn thread or yarn into fabric, though some patterns require more needles.  You can knit almost anything: from scarves, hats, and socks, to sweaters and coats, to delicate doilies and tableclothes.  Knitting was once a necessary and common art.  Now factory machines produce most of the things that once had to be knitted.  It remains popular as a hobby, however, and no machine will ever replace the charm that comes with a lovingly knitted object.


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