Kitchen Angel

You will need:

1.  A kitchen towel

2.  A pot holder

3.  A dishrag

4.  A small amount of yarn

5.  Scissors

 Three kitchen angels
 Folding a green dish towel

Step 1.  Fold the towel.

  Open the towel and place it face down.  Fold each edge into the middle.  Then fold each edge into the middle one more time.

 Folding the folded towel in half in form the body of the angel

Step 2.  Shape the body and head.

Keeping the folds in place, pick up the top of the towel and fold it over.  Fold so that the front is longer than the back. 

 Tie yarn on the folded towel to make the head of the angel

Step 3.  Make the angel's head.

To make the angel's head, tie a piece of yarn around the towel, about two inches from the top.

Roll the dishrag and tuck it inside the folded towel 

Step 4.  Position the dishrag.

Take one corner of the dishrag and start rolling until the entire rag is rolled tightly.  Open the folded towel under the head, and tuck the rolled dishrag inside.

 Tie a second piece of yarn aroudn the towel to form the angel's torso

Step 5.  Make the angel's arms and torso.

Close the folded towel down over the rolled dishrag.  Tie a piece of yarn around the towel under the dishrag to form the angel's torso.  The remaining towel will be her skirt

 Tie the ends of the dishrag together to make arms

Step 6.  Tie the arms in place.

The rolled dishrag will be the angel's arms.  To keep them in place, bring the ends together and tie a piece of yarn around them.

Gather the pot older and tie it in place

Step 7.  Make the wings.

To make the angel's wings, gather the pot holder in the middle and tie a piece of yarn around it to hold it in place.  Leave several inches of yarn on the ends.

Attach the potholder or angel wings

Step 8.  Attach the wings.

Turn the angel over.  Loop the ends of yarn on the pot holder through the loops of yarn that hold the head and the torso of the angel.  Tie the potholder in place and trim the ends of the excess yarn.  Turn your kitchen angel over.  She is ready to grace a kitchen!

Make several in various colors.  They are wonderful hostess gifts! Three kitchen angels

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