Pocket Card

This card is special because it has two places to write your message.  You can open it and write inside or you can slip a special message into the pocket itself.  This is also a good way to give a gift card.

You will need:

1.  The pocket card pattern 

2.  A sheet of card stock

3.  A piece of blue paper with a jean like pattern

4.  A thumbtack

5.  A bulletin board or a piece of cardboard

6.  Yellow embroidery thread

7.  A needle

8.  Scissors

9.  White glue

A card shaped like a pocket with a pocket.
The pieces to the pocket card.

Step 1.  Cut out the pieces.

Fold the card stock in place and crease it.  Position the pattern with the side on the fold as marked.  Cut out the card.

Place the pattern on the blue paper.  This time don't fold the paper.  Just cut all the way around the pattern.  This will be the front of the pocket. 

Punching holes in the pattern.

Step 2.  Punch holes for the stitching.

Open the card.  Put the blue piece of paper on the front of the card and then put the pattern over the front.  Keeping all three pieces of paper lined up, put them over the bulletin board or cardboard.  Use the pattern as a guide and punch holes around the sides of all the pieces of paper.

Slide the card out.  Continue punching holes across the top of the front of the pocket.

Stitching across the pocket.

Step 3.  Stitch the front of the pocket.

Thread your needle with three strands of embroidery thread.  Stitch across the top of the front of the pocket. 

Knotting the thread.

Step 4.  Stitch the front of the pocket to the card.

Now place the front paper on top of the card.  Stitch them together all the way around.  You may need to use another piece of thread.  Knot the thread on the inside back of the card.  After you clip the extra thread, put a small dab of white glue over any knots.  This will keep them from unraveling.  Let the glue dry.

A smaller card to go in the pocket card.

Optional.  Make a special card to go inside the pocket.

Cut a small rectangle of paper and fold it in half so it forms a card.  Punch a hole in the corner and knot a small loop of thread in the hole.

Putting a secret card in the pocket.

Step 5.  Add a message.

Write a message in the inside of the card and slip a gift card or a secret message into the pocket.  Add a ribbon loop as shown above if you slip something in the pocket.  Leave the loop sticking out of the pocket so it will be easy for the recipient to pull the smaller card out of the pocket.

"Jeans" refers to a style of pants, usually made with blue denim.  Jeans were not originally made with denim.  Levi Strauss is famous for making jeans as we think of them today.  He and his partner manufactured the durable pants for cowboys and miners in California in the 1870s.  They were the first to use rivets to make the pants more durable.




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