Luminary Jack 'o Lantern

These luminaries are easy to "carve" if you need a lot of lighted decorations, and they don't make a big mess.  You can use a lunch bag instead of a luminary bag, but it will have a seam down the front.

You will need:

1. A small paper bag for each luminary

2.  A pencil, cutting knife, and cutting mat

3.  A piece of cardboard, about 4" x 6"

4.  Sand, roughly two cups for each luminary

5.  Tea lights or  flameless candles

A lunch bag with a pumpkin face drawn on it

Step 1.  Draw the pumpkin face.

Draw your pumpkin face onto the bag.  We used marker so that the outline would show in the picture, but you should use a light pencil mark so that you can make changes without the lines showing.

A piece of cardboard being slid into a lunch bag with a pumpkin face

Step 2.  Get ready to cut.

Slip the piece of cardboard into the bag to prevent the knife from cutting the back of the bag.

The pumpkin's features are cut out with an craft knife

Step 3.  Cut out the pumpkin face.

Using the knife, carefully cut out the pumpkin's face.  You can use scissors as well, but they are a little harder to manuever.

Sand and a tead light in the bag, making into a luminary

Step 4.  Prep the luminary.

Put the sand and candle in the bag.  If you move the bag, put your hand under it to prevent ripping.

The pumpkin is lighted

Step 6.  Light the lumiary.

When the sun goes down and it starts to get dark outside, light your luminary and enjoy!  Sometimes we trim the top into a pumpkin shape...  Here is what it looks like.

Halloween is celebrated in many cultures and the traditions we associate with the holiday are varied.  The tradition of carving pumpkins is not very old, becoming firmly established in the late eighteen hundreds.  Other cultures carve vegetables into lanterns and immigrants to the new world probably used the pumpkin as a substitute for turnips.  Why is the jack o' lantern associated with Halloween?  It may simply be because pumpkins are harvested near the same time of year as Halloween.


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