Jack o' Lanterns made from Oranges

 Unusual and easy to carve, these oranges make perfect Halloween decorations.  They give a beautiful glow to a table or along a walk way.   You can actually fill the oranges with oil and use them like oil lamps or place tea lights in them.  The oranges dry out, so it is best to make these on the day you plan to use them.   Be safe and keep the Jack o' lanterns under supervision once you light them. 

You will need:


A knife

A spoon


Oil or tea lights

A lighter

Three jack o' lanterns made with oranges
Removing the pulp from an orange 1.  Cut the oranges in half.  Use a spoon to scoop out the pulp from the center.
An orange peel with the pulp removed 2.  Make sure you remove all the pulp.  Leave the center membrane intact if you want to use the orange like an oil lamp.  If you plan to use tea lights, remove the center membrane.
Two hollowed out oranges with little faces carved into them  3.  Carve the oranges.  Cut a hole in the top of the orange to provice ventilation for the burning wick.
An oil filled orange

4.  To use the orange like an oil lamp, fill the bottom half with oil.  You can use oil designed for an oil lamp or even plain vegetable oil.  (Vegetable oil has a strong scent when it burns.)  Light the center membrane.  It may take thirty seconds or more for the membrane to catch fire.  

If you use this method, keep the orange on a plate of a tray just in case some of the oil seeps or splashes.

Three oranges with candle in them  5.  Or just put a tea light in each orange.  Close them by putting the top half on the orange and use them wherever a pretty little Jack o' lantern is needed!


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