How to Tie a Bow

You may tie your gift bows like you tie your shoe.  If you do, you know how hard it is to get the bow even and to get both ends in the same direction.  Use this simple tweak in technique to tie a smooth, even bow:

You will need:

1.  A length of ribbon

2.  Scissors

 A pink bow
Pink ribbon tied around a box 

1.  Cut the ribbon to the desired length.  It should wrap around the bow and you should have 12-16 inches of extra length for a small bow, and 18-24 inches of extra length for a large bow.  If you have too much ribbon, you can trim it once the bow is tied.

Wrap the ribbon around the box, loop an end over and under the other end, just like you are tying a shoe.

 Form two loops 2.  Form a loop with each end.  Make the loops about the same size as you wish your final loops to be.
 Final tie 3.  Knot the loops together.  Just loop one over then under with the same motion you used to tie the ribbon around the box.
The completed bow  4.  Adjust the bow.  Tug gently on the ends to make the loops smaller, or gently on the loops to make them bigger.  You can also tug the end gently to turn the bow slightly or to make the ends fall in the direction you wish.  If the ends are too long, trim them. 

Learning how to tie a perfect bow is a useful skill.  Any present is prettier with the addition of brightly colored ribbon, whether it is wrapped in a box, with paper, or tucked in a bag or basket.  You can also use this same technique to tie bows for your hair or around your neck or waist.


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If you can tie a shoe, you can tie a lovely bow. It just takes one simple change in technique.