DIY Lottery Tickets

These scratchers are easy to make and fun to give.  Kids especially enjoy this craft.  Write in any prize and then give the card away for a highly customizable gift.

You will need:

1.  Printouts of the lottery ticket pattern

2.  Cardstock or stiff paper (optional)

3.  Clear tape

4.  Silver or gold leaf paint

5.  Dish detergent

6.  A paintbrush

7.  A pen, glue, and scissors

Five homemade
Fill in the shamrocks with prizes 1.  Write the prizes into the shamrocks.
Use tape to protect the writing 2.  Cover the writing with a square of tape.
Mixing up the paint 3.  Mix three or four drops of paint with a drop of dish detergent.  You may want to cover your work area.  Metallic paint can be hard to clean up.
Painting the shamrocks to cover the prizes 4.  Paint over the shamrocks with the paint.  Allow the paint to dry throughly.
The completed cards 5.  Cut out the tickets and paste them onto card stock or colored paper.  To use the cards, use a coin to scratch off the shamrocks, just like a regular scratch card.

Scratch off lottery tickets were patented in 1987.  Scratchers are popular because they are inexpensive and winning instantly is exciting.  Lottery tickets are not the only item to use an opaque removable covering.  Gift cards, phone cards, and other games also use the metallic cover.



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