Herb Gift Tags

Make these gifts tags using a rubbing method.  Select leaves from your favorite herbs or try tree leaves or flowers.

You will need:

1.  Leaves from any plant

2.  A 2 inch square of white cardstock for each tag

3.  A 2 1/2" x 3 3/4" strip of green paper for each tag

4.  Green colored pencil

5.  Fine point pen

6.  Ribbon or cord

Two green gift tags with leaf rubbings
A rubbing of a leaf on a square of paper 1.  Put the white cardstock over the paper.  Using frim pressure, rub the pencil back and forth across the leaf.  You should see the outline of the leaf appear.  Let your strokes fade slightly toward the outside of the paper.
A green piece of paper, cut into a gift tag shape 2.  Mark the middle of the top of the green strip of paper.  Mark 2 1/2 inches up on each side.  Cut at an angle from the side marks to the top center mark to form a point.
Two green leaf rubbing are pasted onto the green gift tags 3.  Paste the leaf rubbings onto the paper.
Basil is written on the tags and brown cord is threaded through the top 4.  To finish, write the names of the herbs if desired.  Punch a hole through the top of the tag and loop ribbon through so the tag can be attached to a present or gift bag.


Knot string to make this colorful bracelet.

These lovely gift tags showcase delicious herbs! Use your favorite herbs to make the leaf rubbings.

Use these little wreaths to attract birds to your yard. You will be suprised by how easy and inexpensive they are.