Dollar Origami

Follow a few simple steps to transform a bill into a heart.  Use it to decorate a card or just tuck it inside.  It is great way to include a personal touch when you are giving someone cash. 

 You will need:

1.  Cardstock

2.  Glue dots

3.  A dollar bill

 A card decorated with a dollar folded into a heart
 Fold the bottom up once  1.  Put the bill face side down.  Fold up the bottom edge so the the words "ONE DOLLAR" just show.  They will be upside down.
 Fold the dollar in half and then open it up again. 2.  Now fold the bill in half, crease it, and open it back up.  There should be a crease line down the middle of the bill.
 Fold up  3.  Take one side of the bill.  Fold it up so its edge lines up with the crease in the center of the bill.
 Fold up the other side 4.  Do the same thing with the other side. 
 Fold down inside corners 5.  Turn the bill over.  Fold the two inside corners down until they touch the top of the bill.
 Fold down outside corners 6.  Fold the two outside corners down until they touch the top of the bill.
 Fold in the points  7.  There will be a point on the side of each bill.  Fold them in.
 Turn the heart over.  8.  Turn the bill over.  There is your heart!  Attach it to the card with glue dots so that it can be easily removed without tearing it.

You might think your dollar bill is made from paper but it is really a blend of paper and cotton.  That is why it doesn't disintegrate if you accidently leave one in your pants pocket and send it through the wash machine.  Before 1973, you could trade your dollar bills to the government and receive gold in exchange.  That is no longer the case.  However, if you pay a debt with bills the person being paid is legally required to accept them.


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