Hand Print Turkey

The hand print turkey is a favorite Thanksgiving craft for teacher and parents alike.  You probably remember making one (or many) as a child.  The trace & cut concept is easy enough for any child who can use a pencil and scissors.  We dressed our version up with feathers for extra color and zest!

You will need:

1.  A sheet of brown construction paper

2.  Four strips of colored paper- 2" x 4"

3.  Bits of red and yellow paper

4.  A pencil

5.  Scissors

6.  Tape

7.  Magnets (to attach your turkey to the refrigerator.)

A colroful turkey made from a cut out hand print and bright feathers
A hand traced onto brown construction paper 1.  Open your fingers and put the palm of your hand down on the paper.  Trace your hand on the paper.  We used a dark pen so you could see the outline in the picture, but you should use a light pencil.
A hand shape cut out of brown paper 2.  Carefully cut out the hand you just traced.  If you can see some of the tracing don't worry.  Just turn the turkey over!
Green paper folded and cut into a feather shape 3.  Take one of the strips of paper and fold it in half.  Trim it into a feather shape.

4.  On the edge of the feather, make a series of cuts toward the folded edge.  Don't cut all the way through.

*Note- small children can skip this step.

A feather cut out of green paper 5.  Open the feather.  If you want to, you can trim it to make it skinnier or to change the shape. When you are happy with the feather, make three more.
Colored feather taped onto the back of the turkey 6.  Put the feathers down, then put the turkey on top of them, back side up.  Use tape to attach the feathers.  If you want to add a beak and feet to the turkey, cut them out of the scrap paper and attach them now.
A hand print turkey with colorful feathers 7.  Turn your turkey over!  Hang it on your refrigerator or bulletin board.

Most of us remember learning about the first Thanksgiving in school.  The Pilgrims and Native Americans shared a feast and gave God thanks for a bountiful harvest.  Wild turkey was one of the dishes at this feast.  Today, turkey is the most popular dish to serve on Thanksgiving.


Knot string to make this colorful bracelet.

Use pinecones, peanut butter, and birdseed to give our feathered friends a treat!

A paper, rock, and scissors is almost all you need to make this cute little mouse. This craft is easy enough for most kids, although it can get sticky! Once you've tried this cute, white mouse, try to make a pink piggie or a bunny rabbit.