Handprint Santa Salt Dough Ornament

This salt dough Santa ornament is easy to make from salt dough.  You will treasure it as the years go by and little hands get bigger.  Paint it with acrylic or poster paints.  If you want to make the ornament extra durable, spray it with shellac once the paint it dry.

You will need:

1.  Salt dough

2.  A rolling pin

3.  A toothpick or pencil

4.  A knife

5.  Red, white, and tan paint

6.  A small piece of ribbon

A handprint Santa ornament
Rolling out the salt dough

Step 1.  Roll out the salt dough.

Roll out the salt dough so it is about 1/4 of an inch thick.  You can simply roll the dough evenly by hand or use rolling pin guides to get the perfect thickness.

 An outline of a child's hand in salt dough

 Step 2.  Trace the handprint.

Have your child spread his or her fingers slightly and rest his or her hand on top of the dough.  Gently trace the outline of the hand with a toothpick or pencil.

 The hand ready to dry

 Step 3.  Cut out the hand and let it dry.

Carefully cut the hand out.  Punch a hole in the ornament at the base of the palm.  Dry the ornament in a 200 degree oven for 3-4 hours or let it air dry for a day or two. 

When the ornament is completely dry, you can use sandpaper to smooth off any rough edges if you wish.

 Painting a beard on the ornament.

 Step 4.  Paint Santa's beard.

Paint the fingers white.  This will be Santa's beard.

The painted ornament/

Step 5.  Paint Santa's face and hat.

Using the tan paint, paint Santa's face.  It should be roughly a football shape.

Use the red paint to paint the area above the face.  Paint the thumb red, too.  Then use white paint to add a white pompom to the tip of the hat and some white touches around the edge of the hat.

Let the paint dry.

A handprint Santa ornament

Step 6.  Finish the ornament.

Slip a piece of ribbon through the hole and knot the ends together.  Your ornament is ready!

The legend of "Santa Claus" is probably derived from several different persons & traditions.  Certainly some of the legend of Santa Claus is based on Saint Nicholas, who lived in the 4th century.  According to tradition, Saint Nick left three impoverished sisters generous dowries by dropping gold down their chimney.  Some stories say that he left the gold in their shoes, and others versions say he left if in their stockings.  In any case, this is probably why we think of Santa Claus as a elderly, bearded man who gives gifts, and it is probably why we hang stockings by the fireplace - ready to accept any gifts. 


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