Handprint Objects

You can use handprints to make all sorts of objects.  Use them to decorate cards or pictures.  They make good gifts for parents and grandparents.  There are many, many shapes you can make with handprints, so be creative!   Here are three ideas to get you started:  a sunflower, a candle, and a heart.



The sunflower is a pretty summer craft or a good decoration for a Mother's Day card.

Four handprints in a flower shape
1.  Make four yellow handprints, overlapping the palm.
Add a center
2.  Use thumbprints and brown or black paint to add the center.

A handprint sunflower
3.  Finish by painting a stem and leaves on the sunflower.


Use the candle to make birthday cards or Christmas decorations.

Red and yellow paint on a child's hand
1.  Put red paint on the palm and yellow on the fingers, and blend it together.
A flame colored handprint
2.  Make the handprint.
A candle
3.  Paint on the candle, wick, and candle holder.


A handprint heart is a precious way to say "I love you."

Overlapping handprints that form a heart
1.  Make two handprints in a V shape with the fingers overlapping.
A red fingerpaint heart2.  Add and outline around the hands to enhance the heart shape.

More Handprint Crafts


 The largest handprint painting in the world was made in July, 2011.  The painting is in a stadium in Southern Gaza and covers over 63,000 square feet.  5,000 children "lent a hand" to the project.



Use pinecones, peanut butter, and birdseed to give our feathered friends a treat!

Just a few folds, and you have a cup. It is perfect for holding candy or flowers. You can even use it for liquid if you use a water proof paper.

Use salt dough to make beads and then string them together to make a one-of-a-kind necklace or bracelet.