Handprint Lily Bouquet

Lilies are usually white, yellow, or orange, but you can make these any color you choose.  Use a child's hand for small lilies and Mommy's or Daddy's hand for larger liliesMake several and place them together into a sweet bouquet.

You will need:

1.  Construction paper

2.  A pencil

3.  Scissors

4.  Green pipe cleaners or fuzzy sticks

5.  Brown or yellow pipe cleaners or fuzzy sticks

6.  Tape

7.  Glass beads (optional)

8.  Glue (if you use the glass beads)

Three lilies made from paper and pipecleaners
A handprint cut out of orange constuction paper.

Step 1.  Make handprints.

Trace your hand or your child's hand onto construction paper.  Cut it out.  You will need one handprint for each lily.

Using a pencil to shape the lilies petals

Step 2.  Shape the petals.

Take a pencil.  Roll each finger around the flower and then unroll it.  This should make the fingers curl out slightly.

Making a stem and stamens for the lily

Step 3.  Make the stems and stamens.

Cut a brown or yellow pipe cleaner in half and bend it into a V shape.  Take a green pipe cleaner.  Twist the top of the green pipe cleaner aroung the bottom of the V shape so the two pipe cleaners hold together.

Finish the lily.

Step 4.  Form the lily.

Roll the handprint around the pipe cleaner.  Fasten the bottom in place with tape or glue. 


Put a dab of glue on the top of the stamens and slip a glass bead or two onto the end.

  More Handprint Crafts

There are varieties of lilies native to North America, but the brilliantly colored tiger lily is native to China, where it is sometimes cultivated for its edible bulbs.  Although parts of the lily are edible and have medicinal value, don't try to harvest your own!  Some parts of the lily are toxic.  If you want to try a tiger lily, you can often purchase the bulbs in Asian markets.


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